Our Spain Sojourn – Mezquita

After leaving Seville, we did a quick stop-over in Cordoba. 

The narrow cobblestoned streets were charming, but the highlight of the town was thr Mezquita, the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba. 

First glimpse of the Mezquita.

The Mezquita is a half-mosque, half-church fascinating oddity. The arches in the interior create an optical illusion of a neverending series of arches. 

Even though I knew that this is a mosque-cathedral, I was still taken by surprise at how western and church-like the cathedral in the middle of the structure when I came upon it. 


Heading towards the cathedral portion of the structure – you can still see the arches at the sides.


The intricate western dome.


The altar.

To me, the Mezquita sums up what southern Spain is all about, a wonderful blend of Ottoman/Moorish culture and Catholic Spain which shouldn’t work but somehow it does, magically.