Stonehenge & Bath

Despite having visited the UK numerous times, B and I had never been to either Stonehenge or Bath before. Since we were driving from London to North Wales, we decided to take a short detour to Bath and Stonehenge for a weekend. 

True to our bad-weather-luck form, it was a rainy and windy day when we visited Stonehenge, but I guess that added to the atmosphere. 


The stones stood tall and majestic against the backdrop of green grass and grey skies.


The stone circle from a different angle – this shows a more complete circle.


And from this angle, it just looks like a random collection of stones – what circle?


The audioguide was very informative, and contained little tidbits of information that you can listen to at various points around the stones. I would definitely recommend getting that. If not for the rain that was really bothering me, I would have gone to every single one of the audioguide stations. 

But, as it was raining, we soon made a quick exit and headed to lunch – nothing more important than filling our tummies – before taking a stroll around the Bath city centre.


Bath cathedral.


Beautiful stained glass windows in the interior


Strolling along the river.

After walking around, we then proceeded to indulge in a classic English tradition – afternoon tea! And since we were in Bath, we headed straight for the famous Sally Lunn buns. Whilst the buns were yummy, the star of the show was the lemon curd. We loved it so much we even lugged a bottle of it home! 

Time for the famous Sally Lunn buns for tea!