Murals and Yummy Delights in Penang

Over a long weekend, B and I headed to the foodie paradise that is Penang for a food pilgrimage. 

We stayed at the beautifully restored Muntri Grove. Before arriving, I was a little worried that it would be kinda rustic given that it is in a restored shophouse. Fortunately, my worries proved to be unfounded! 


Brautiful wrought iron gate and tiles.


Little lap pool.


Canopy bed!


Instead of going into detail about every morsel we consumed during our short 3-day trip, I’m going to just list down my favourites. 

Teksen Restaurant

Teksen Restaurant was a little gem we discovered while out on our first rainy evening in Penang. It was packed when we arrived, and had a pretty long queue at the door. We were lucky to snag a table pretty quickly since it was just the 2 of us. 

The food was pretty basic, good Chinese cooking, and extremely satisfying and comforting on a cool rainy night. 


Tofu with seafood & sambal kangkong.


Plum sauce chicken.


Doing a roaring trade.


Tho Yuen Restaurant

Tho Yuen is a super old-school looking coffeeshop serving traditional dim sum. While I have certainly had better dim sum before, I liked this place for the retro vibe!


Check out the retro floor with the tiny square tiles!


And the old-school order chit.


Some of our half-decimated dim sum.


Claypot preserved egg congee still bubbling away!


Sin Kheng Aun Restaurant

Sin Kheng Aun is another retro-looking eatery that serves food that tastes like the sort that your grandma cooks. It was probably my favourite of all the places I ate at in Penang. It does not overwhelm with strong flavours, so it may not be to everyone’s taste, but I loved it, and will definitely recommend this as a must-visit place for those who like the taste of simple, non-MSG laden home-cooked meals.

It was so yummy we finished everything!


Close-up of the egg foo yong.


Hainanese chicken chop.

Passion Heart Cafe 

Passion Heart Cafe is a little cafe located in a shophouse a stone’s throw away from Muntri Grove, run by a friendly owner who does her baking on-site! 

The bakes there make use of local ingredients, such as chempedak and durian. The chempedak cheesecake was to-die-for (so much so we went back for seconds!), and even the durian cake was delicious (and I hate durians!).

Sadly, I dived into the cakes so quickly that I didn’t manage to snap a photo of any of the cakes I got from them. Time for another visit soon methinks! 

Between eating at these I mentioned above that I really liked, and the usual Penang must-eats such as Penang fried kueh tiao, chendol, egg tarts, tau sar piahs etc. etc., we had to walk around so that we can digest the food consumed and prepare for the next meal. Fortunately, Georgetown had a good range of interesting street art for us to hunt down on foot, and work up an appetite! 

Here are some of my personal favourites:


bee-doh bee-doh.


Love how the abandoned pipe in the wall was integrated into this drawing.


Michievous Superman snowman.


This may be somewhat of a cliche but I still like it.


Marge Simpson to stop vehicles from going where it shouldn’t!


Another classic.


I can identify with those kids there 😁


Ok this is not a mural but it’s pretty as a picture, no?


Another non-mural but this is sooooo cute!



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