Our Spain Sojourn – Alcazar of Seville

One of the highlights of the trip was the Alcazar of Seville. On our first full day in Seville, we set off bright and early, in the direction of the Alcazar.

As we strolled through the streets of Seville, I found myself charmed by the architecture. This building in particular caught my eye – shame that it looked unoccupied though.


We also passed the Seville Cathedral, and as morning mass was going on, I was lured into the Cathedral by the pipe organ music, and the fact that I get to enter the cathedral free of charge, and didn’t have to queue!



The interior of the cathedral was beautiful in the grand European cathedral kind of way (Not very effusive I know, but I am rather jaded from visiting too many cathedrals in my lifetime). I particularly enjoyed viewing the pretty stained glass windows, and hovering near the organ to marvel at it.





After our short detour into the Seville Cathedral, we headed over to the Alcazar.

The entrance to the Alcazar was unimposing, and I was somewhat underwhelmed by it, and was worried that it was going to be a complete letdown.

 As it turned out, my worry was totally unfounded, as you can see from this series of photos coming up, as we were greeted by the sight of lush gardens.


The buildings within the Alcazar were even more impressive,  with beautiful arches, colourful tiles and intricate carvings. I was totally blown away!


I have to confess that I  am not a fan of overly ornate things, but these were simply gorgeous.


If there is just one place you have time to visit in Seville, it will have to be the Alcazar!