Streets of London @ British Hainan

While running errands in the Joo Chiat area earlier, we stumbled upon Streets of London @ British Hainan, and decided to pop in for a late lunch.


The cafe, located at the junction of Carpmael Road and Crane Road, occupies a unit that was previously occupied by a coffee shop. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. We opted to sit indoors as it was the middle of the afternoon, though it would be nice to sit outdoors on a cool, breezy evening.

Outdoor seating.


Although I was expecting something retro-ish indoors, given the old-school Hainanese western cafe red-and-white checked tablecloths on the outdoor tables, the interior of the cafe still took me by surprise. It was like stepping into an elderly collector’s home! The place was filled with items that wouldn’t look out of place in a household back in the 1970s! Not that I lived through the 70s, mind you, but I have seen pictures 😛

Eclectic interior.






I was charmed by the antiques and paraphernalia from a bygone era strewn all over the cafe. As we visited in the middle of the afternoon and the place was empty, I could wander around to check out all the wares available while waiting for my food. Oh before I forget, I must mention that most of the items in the cafe are for sale. In fact there is a sign that says that everything is for sale unless otherwise stated!

As we have plans for dinner, and it was already rather late, we decided to skip starters and dessert and only have mains. B ordered the pork chops with Dijon mustard sauce, and I went with the signature IPA chicken on our server’s recommendation.

IPA chicken.


The IPA chicken is a dish comprising a grilled boneless chicken leg topped with a sweet and sour beer sauce, served with mash potato and garlicky grilled vegetables. After tasting it, I can see why this is a signature dish – the grilled chicken leg was tender, with the skin just a little bit charred for that nice BBQ flavour, and the beer sauce was sweet, slightly sour and with a slight beery taste.

B’s pork chops were served with a side salad with mint dressing and fries, and he gave the dish a thumbs-up as well.


No doubt we have had better grilled chicken and better pork chops before, but given the reasonable prices at British Hainan, the food is good and value for money. Also, we understand from the server that British Hainan is an independent family business, a rarity in our current world of chain stores, and definitely worthy of support! We will be returning soon to sample more items on the menu – a new option for a quick-ish and fuss free weekday dinner in future!

Streets of London @ British Hainan
75 Carpmael Road
Singapore 429812


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